Dr. Kierstin Bible

Dr. Kierstin Bible was born and raised an Army brat who spent the majority of the first twenty years of her life living in Germany. She started piano lessons in the 3rd grade, picked up the clarinet in the 6th grade, the saxophone in the 10th grade, and fell in love with singing in the 11th grade. Faced with the decision of “which instrument” at Angelo State University in Texas, she chose to study classical voice, with an emphasis in operatic, solo and choral performance, as well as K-12 Music Education. She began teaching in 1995 and went on to receive her Master’s in Music from the University of Arkansas and her Doctorate in Musical Arts from University of Missouri – Kansas City.

In 2015, she founded Ozark Family Opera Company, dedicated to bringing “family-friendly” opera to the region of Northwest Arkansas, where she lives with her husband. She is currently working on a second Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from the University of Arkansas.


Classes I Teach
Music Theory & Appreciation

Teacher Talk
Thursday @ 6:00PM CT