Students attend two, one-hour live classes weekly for each course. M/W or T/TH. Total instruction time for 5 courses: 10 hrs./week.

Some math courses have a 4-Day-Per-Week option which might increase the students's time in class to 12 hours per week.

Homework: Approximately 5 hrs./week for each course Total (on average) for 5 courses: 25 hrs./week*

No classes are held on Friday, which is reserved as a workday for teachers and students. A workday is defined as a day when students are given new assignments and are assigned to take tests and quizzes but have no live classes.

*Students with learning disabilities may need more time.

All assignments, quizzes, tests, and grading provided.

A report card is provided at the end of each semester. First and second semester grades are averaged together for the final grade in each subject.

Transcripts are provided upon request at the end of the year.

Diploma can be earned by completing the graduation requirements.


The key to success is parental supervision including but not limited to: attendance, assignments, due dates, & study habits.

Communication with the teacher is essential to the formation of the partnership between the parent, teacher, and student. Please return phone calls and emails from teachers, FPA staff, and administration within 48 hours.

Make certain that computer, scanner, and headset are functioning before the first day of school. Both students and parents must use technology. Be prepared to scan assignments and load them into Canvas. Tutorials are available on our website and FPE staff are always available to assist you with technology questions.

All books need to be available on the first day of class. Be certain that the ISBN number on the book matches the ISBN on the list before school starts. Teachers will not scan any part of the textbook for students.

Make sure that assignments scanned are dark enough for teachers to read and that they are submitted right side up. Grading upside down material is nearly impossible. Only assignments that are right side up (both in orientation and correct side of the paper scanned) will be graded. Scanned assignments must be merged into a single PDF document or they will not be graded.

Provide a quiet place in your home for your students to attend class. Background noise is distracting when students are using the microphone

Stay abreast of grades in all subjects so that there will be no surprises when grades arrive.

Students are expected to attend all live classes, but may watch the recorded class in the event they are unable to attend. A note from a parent explaining an absence is required if a student misses a class and all material covered and assignments given in class are the responsibility of the student.

Due dates are strictly enforced. A note or email from a parent explaining an extenuating circumstance is required for exception to a due date.

Extended travel throughout the school year is possible although not encouraged. Students and parents take responsibility for meeting due dates and making prior arrangements with teachers far enough in advance so as not to pressure either the teachers or the students. One due date extension for travel is permitted once per semester if parents contact the Student Development director at least 2 weeks in advance for the first day of the planned absence. Students then have 1 week upon return to submit all assignments past due.

All parties expect to be treated with respect. The classroom is not a place to have a conference with a teacher. Please don’t hesitate to do so outside of class time.